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 The assassin known as Gattling.
Gattling was hired by a televangelist named Reverend Chesterford to assassinate another televangelist rival named Reverend Smithfield. Reverend Smithfield would have dinner with Silver Sable and tell her that he has been receiving hate mail and numerous death threats. Smithfield hired Sable and her Wild Pack for protection during his appearance at Madison Square Garden. Sable and her Wild Pack positioned themselves throughout the audience and building in case the assassin decides to reveal himself. Smithfield appears on stage when Crippler and Powell are confronted by Watchdogs in their sector. Suddenly Smithfield is gunned down on stage and Quentino places the spotlight on their invisible assassin. Chen hits Gattling with a tracer arrow and he attempts to flee. Sable had Sandman impersonate Reverend Smithfield and used as a decoy to reveal Gattling's position. The Watchdogs were used as an diversion so Gattling could escape to the roof but he was confronted by Silver Sable. Gattling appeared to be in real trouble when the Wild Pack showed up but he managed to elude capture when the Watchdogs attacked. 
Silver Sable tried to get any information on Gattling and she asked her ex-husband, the Foreigner if Gattling was part of his 1400 Club of Assassins. Foreigner called Gattling an amateur at best and none of his assassins would be fooled by Sable's stand-in of Smithfield. Foreigner did provide some information on the man who hired Gattling named George Chesterford. However Chesterford would be killed by the Foreigner who was hired by Smithfield to finish the job since Gattling failed to do so on an earlier attempt. Gattling would perch himself atop the antennae of the Empire State Building and wait to ambush Silver Sable at the Symkarian Embassy. Sable and her Wild Pack are forced to defend themselves when the Watchdogs infiltrate the embassy. Gattling rushes in and attempts to gun down Sable and her crew. Gattling takes to the air with his jet-pack and Silver Sable chases after him while the Wild Pack follow in their stealthcraft. The stealthcraft is hovering above the two combatants when Battlestar jumps off the craft and plummets towards Gattling. Battlestar smashes Gattling in the face and the assassin crashes into the ground. Gattling slowly gets up after suffering some injuries including broken ribs and a shattered shoulder when Silver Sable appears and knocks him out. The current whereabouts of Gattling are unknown.   


Gattling was created by Gregory Wright, Steven Butler and James Sanders III in 1992 and first appeared in Silver Sable & The Wild Pack # 2.

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Gattling wears a suit equipped with a jet-pack that enables him flight and the ability to turn invisible. Gattling's arsenal includes four chain guns that can fire several hundred rounds of ammo.

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