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Before the Olympic pantheon, there ruled a group of gods known as the Elder Gods. A young godling named Zeus wished to vanquish them and steal their power. To do this, he enlisted the aid of the Infinite Ones, strange and powerful creatures from another dimension. But after Zeus had defeated the Elder Gods, the Infinite Ones rampaged out of control. Zeus was forced to bargain for help with two of those he defeated. Atlas and Prometheus did battle with the Infinite Ones, and ultimately vanquished them. This deed won them a place in the Olympic pantheon of gods. Prometheus had sealed the gateway to the Infinite Ones' domain with his magic, but could not guard it himself. His brother, a blacksmith, created a jewel talisman. Prometheus himself gave life to Gatekeeper, summoning her from the heart of the jewel. Pandora trained her as a warrior and gave her the Spear of Atlas.

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