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With the Thinktank stolen the squad head down into the insect alien lair via the main entrance while Hazard and Alec take a side route. Hazard is knocked into a pit while Alec takes out a lone insect guard. rescuing Hazard Alec is still more concerned with getting back in time for his prom date. 
The Two come across the remains of the squad, most dead or pinned to the walls. Solen Cagliar is the evil genius behind the Thinktank theft and plans to use it to map the gates that will give him access to millions of world to plunder. Hazard rushes him and then draws away his minions, dispatching them easily. Meanwhile Alec is trying to steal the Thinktank back, but is caught by Solen who psyonically attacks him. 
Hazard gets into a fist fight with the on remaining minion and tells Alec to run for it but is unable to.. so Hazard uses her gun to blow up th Thinktank spraying Solen, Alec and herself with the content. Solen swears vengeance on Alec who can understand his alien language now.   
The gate they used to enter the world has closed and suddenly Alec knows where theres one they can use. The run for it and and end up outside the store with guns pointed at them, like at the start of the first issue. Alec heads over to pick up Mia, but time passes faster in some worlds and its now 4am and he has broken Mia's heart. 
As he rages at Hazard over the mess his life is his skin starts to glow green.

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