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The Future 
A man exits a 24 hour 'Bug Mart' and is surprised to be confronted with an army of weapons drawn and pointed at him. Thankfully they are not there for him and as he runs a shimmering gateway opens in the air where he was stood. As it expands Delvan runs up to it in hopes of stopping the invader. The gate expands and a huge arm reaches out and kills him just as his team fire into the gate.  
At the as yet unnamed HQ guards are on patrol looking for intruders when suddenly a guard is covered in corrosive drool by and insect-like, agile humanoid. It takes out another guard who is unable to follow its fast movements and it heads for something called the Thinktank. It attempts to take the tank and escape A red headed woman in charge barks orders for more guards and one she will get personally. 
Present-day Earth
Alec Wagner is having car trouble and while an engineering genius is relaxing as his girlfriend Mia tries to fix the engine. He takes over and massively increases the cars fuel efficiency. Tonight is their high-school prom and he promises not to be late. At home his cousin Natalie is getting him ready for the prom and teaching him how to dance. Bizarrely a joystick he's modified starts to spark and he loses concentration. The Limo arrives and he hops in only to find its drive by the redhead named Hazard. She tell him he's being called in and to get dressed. She informs Alec that they are now at war with the enemy dimension and the Thinktank has been stolen and he as a Half-Human is essential to the battle. They argue the point until Hazard slams on the breaks and sends Alec flying out the windscreen into a gate, appearing in the middle of a battle with the insect like creatures. 
Alien World
Alec jumps onto a ship thats firing on his team and crashes it before joining the fray.. all the while trying to hold onto his prom dates gift. despite his lack of battle experience his vision and skills keep him from being killed. The surface battle over the military head down into the ground through the biggest entrance while Hazard and Alec try a smaller one as they hope the creatures wont be expecting them to come that way. As they descend an insect watches them from above.

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