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Other Realities

Age of Apocalypse - Earth 295

These disembodied brains served to Sinister and Dark Beast keeping mutant prisoners sedated preventing to use their mutant powers and manteined them in the Breeding Pens. His influenced and magnitude of sedation were controlled by Sinister and Dark Beast. Composed of 6 former brains of the most powerful mutant telepaths on earth. They are also named as the Brain Trust. There were several brains scattered around Apocalypse´s domains serving as keepers of fundamental facilities of Mutant Elite.


They are apparently exterminated by Jean Grey, who pushes herself to the limit to burst all of the Brains. This allowed the prisoners to escape from the Breeding pens causing the final riot on Apocalypse headquarters.

One final brain of the trust named Dmitri is seen during X-Force´s campaign to Age of Apocalypse. He is guarding Dark Beast´s laboratory entrance and lets McCoy enter with X-Force informing that none has entered the lab since McCoy absence for over 13 years.

Other Media

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

Gate keepers

At "Birth of Archangel" cinematic, Apocalypse looks what appears to be one of the Gate Keepers imprisoned in one of the Sinister´s Laboratories.

Later in Act 4, Banshee warns team about Brain Trust and their telepathic influence. As in Earth 295, the disembodied telepaths served as sedative to prisoners in the Breeding Pens. During the battle with Stryfe the player must destroy several brains contained in tube glasses remembering the Brain trust. The only way to destroy Stryfe is bursting all brains.

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