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Absolutely Iggy's best friend Gazzy is the second pyro in the Flock. He and Iggy are bomb making masters and enjoy explosions. He is Angel's real blood brother and feels morally obligated to always keep his little sister safe, even though he is only eight himself. Being the second youngest member of the Flock he is often left behind with Iggy, who is blind, much to his dismay.  
     He and Iggy have caused more than their fair share of explosions, but always for a good cause. Always to save the rest of their family.
When the Flock was trapped in a white coat facility Gasman and Iggy made the explosion that allowed them to escape.
When the Flock was staying with a "FBI" agent who made them go to school Gazzy was the first to uncover the diabocial nature of the school. Of course this led to a stink bomb and far more explosions than necessary.

     Gasman gets his name from the fact that he emitts highly nauseating farts. It's one of his more endearing qualities.

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