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The bizarre origin of Tal Nahii who was born with the mutant power to turn into any form of gas at room temperature, thanks to her parents being irradiated during an Atomic accident earlier in their life. The young girl exhibited the ability to transform into any gaseous element at room temperature. Taking great joy at her unique disposition s he is known as a bit of a show-off and enjoys shocking people with her sudden transformations. A native of the planet Lallor, she found others born with abilities like herself also due to an Atomic accident on Lallor. 

Tal is very bright and impetuous by nature and is often the first to get into trouble. She has a fierce loyalty to the group whom she grew up with as a child and would later join them as the official protectors of Lallor, boasting not to need the mighty Legion of Super-Heroes help in defense. As the years went on she would be quite hurt when Beast Boy left the team due to personal strife. When the long time friend lost his life fighting both them and the Legion she was crushed by Beast Boy's death. She has no known romantic attachments but was noticeably jealous when Ord Quelu, Duplicate Boy, met Shrinking Violet and dated her in a long distant relationship for quite sometime. 
 Tal was an original member of the super-hero team known as the Heroes of Lallor. Gas Girl enjoys attention, even though most of it is given to her teammate,  Duplicate Boy. She particularly enjoys disappearing in front of people to shock them.


Gas-Girl can transform her body into any form of gas, either pure elements or complex compounds. She can return to solid form in an instant and back to any particular gas with only a thought. While she is in gaseous state she is vulnerable to any chemical interaction that would affect the chemical-form she is currently in. For example she can be defeated by spraying her with oxygen while she has taken the form of hydrogen, turning her into water. While generally immune to physical harm, she could still be harmed by different types of energy, such as intense winds and lightning, or the sonic booms, and even certain types of radiation. In Gaseous Form, as said before, she is impervious to physical harm except under the most extreme situations and partial evaporation. She maintains complete control of her molecules even when in the form of poisonous gasses or hallucinogens inhaled by others. Her body mass is at that time in gaseous shape is multiplied and she can attain large volumes of gas.

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