Watch Ennis & Palmiotti's The Pro Animated!

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 If this promo image doesn't clue you in to what the clip will be like, I don't know what will.

I remember Jimmy Palmiotti talking about this when he was on the Comics on Comics panel at the Long Beach Comic Con. See, he, Amanda Conner and Garth Ennis put out a one-shot called THE PRO at Image in ’02 that people are still talking about it. It was about a filthy, foul-mouthed hooker who suddenly gains super-powers and gets recruited by a thinly-veiled parody of the Justice League. To put it mildly, her membership with this team doesn’t work out well.

Anyway, I remember Jimmy saying at the panel that there was a cartoon based on the comic that was in development at one point. He couldn’t show it at the time, because of legal reasons, but he really, really wished he could because he was so pleased with how it turned out. Apparently, whatever barrier that was blocking him before has been lifted and he’s gotten to post the demo reel of the cartoon on his Youtube channel (and thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up.)

WARNING - - FOR MATURE VIEWERS ONLY. This clip is definitely R-Rated, it's definitely is for adults only and you definitely shouldn’t watch it at work… == TEASER ==  


Wow… they didn’t pull a single punch for this. I’d like to know who the voice actors were, because this cast totally got the kind of delivery they needed for the material. And Titmouse made this! Kick ass!  I’ve been to their studios a bunch of times for the monthly Comic Book Sunday! event. They’ve produced lots of other rad , adult-oriented cartoons like METALOCALYPSE and GI JOE RESOLUTE.

Man, this series probably would’ve been too intense, even for Adult Swim. Would you maniacs like to this series to get picked up? Or maybe even see another Ennis comic like THE BOYS get this kind of treatment?

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:Looks hilarious. Can't wait.

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Yeah, I want to to be picked up. No normal TV station would air it though. Probably have to be HBO or Showtime or something.
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Watched this yesterday. I think Palmiotti made a Facebook post about it. 
Really fun, I definitely recommend The Pro to anyone who hasn't read it, comic satire done well.

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Good god that is messed up... I hope it gets a series...

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Loved the Pro! I would watch without a doubt!

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Any time Garth Ennis' work gets appreciated and shown to a wider audience is a great day for me. I really hope this finds release. And, whatever company has the rights to Preacher gets their act together and does that adaptation properly. Same can be said for The Boys. Or pretty much anything Ennis has had a hand in.    

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If the cable networks are too scared to put this on, then maybe they could sell it online. Do it in episode format & let people buy it on iTunes or whatever. Either way, The Pro looks hilarious.

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this comic was one of my first and definitely one of the many reasons I love Garth Ennis, awesomeness to the MAX!

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I saw this last night, I was pleased, though I really want a Punisher Max show.

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Why does that prostitute Power Girl have on a jisim belt buckle?

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@logan48227 said:
" If the cable networks are too scared to put this on, then maybe they could sell it online. Do it in episode format & let people buy it on iTunes or whatever. Either way, The Pro looks hilarious. "
Straight to DVD?
I'd buy that :D
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I just watched it. Great stuff but gotta say, I'm really not surprised to have seen "imbedding disabled by request" :P

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lol cool cant wait to see the whole thing

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so weird, I just happened to read that one shot a few days ago as I was sorting through some stuff and it just had that WTF factor that made me open it up. 
That preview is great, it really takes the book and carries it across to animation well. I'm still laughing thinking about the titty twister move.

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Hahahahaha!! That was amazing!!

#19 Posted by Asymmetrical (23748 posts) - - Show Bio

too bad they cut the Flash and Green Lantern parodies...and The Viewer, that guy was hilariously perverted! but yeah...the video was great and captured the feel of the comic...needs to be made into a movie!

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"Move your head for God's Sake move your head"

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   i finally find wonder woman hot 0o OH GOD NO!!!!! 
but seriously unless theres nudity i doubt im gonna watch this crap, hell even if theirs nudity i doubt im gonna watch this crap

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Loved this and I read the book years ago, was hoping for a sequel so hopefully this can deliver!

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Wow that was dirty. Kinda made me sad that her parents kicked her out.... :(

#24 Posted by CrimsonInuTears (699 posts) - - Show Bio

Was laughin so hard durin the batman knock off's speech(Wonder Boy) to actually 'ear what he was attemptin to say. Looks... interestin, to say the least. If anyone is even willin to pick it up I'd totally watch this insanity.  
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Very good.

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Embedding Disabled By Request. 

Awwww, poop...!  I missed it.
#28 Posted by grimm (632 posts) - - Show Bio

That is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! I really don't see how it is that awful compared to some of the other crap on TV. South Park has a kid eat his parents. Family Guy has just awful jokes aimed at everyone. King of the Hill has red necks. At least this is funny.

#29 Posted by ILuvMsMarvel (111 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved it!

#30 Edited by Cherry Bomb (3295 posts) - - Show Bio

"Jesus, this f***ing outfits all the way up my ass!"  LOL
- this is pure awesomeness. :D

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This was really hilarious and would love to see more.  I like how this is a parody of the Justice League because I'd figured this would actually happened if one of the superheroes was pissed off rather than being Boy Scoutsand all. 
Funny, that hooker sorta looks like a ghetto version of Amanda Conner's Power Girl from the series XD lmao.

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great video!!
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Wow The Pro Garth Ennis at his bestand badest I'm looking forward to it . 
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The voice acting and animation was phenomenal! It's gonna be great!
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LOL the most hilarious animated anything I've seen in awhile. Although I don't think even Adult Swim would put this on, although I would see them getting behind it to do straight to DVD or online sales. The Boys and Herogasm would be another hilarious bad ass cartoon they should make, I could actually see Dynamite getting behind these... I am surprised they didn't get behind The Pro.

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 This and Archer.
#37 Posted by jakob187 (1030 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, it was alright...but the whole airplane bit was hilarious. 
Good to see that some edge and filth is coming to the world of animation.  = D

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I read The Pro a while ago and enjoyed it but that was great. I would love to see a animated series based on these characters, or with the same take on superheroes.

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Genius. Love me some Ennis. They could animate Dicks as well.

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Nicely done and true to the comic.
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Like everything Garth Ennis writes far more vulgar than it has to be where to the point it is just there for shock value to make up for crappy writing and poor story boarding

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YESSS oh gawd YESSS pleaseeee let this get picked up

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So... where'd the video go? 

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