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GARTH ENNIS you empty my wallet everytime you come up with soemthing new.

This is something that WILL be my must buy every issue. CANT FREAKING WAIT for issue 1

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come on no ones read this yet

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I read it. Thought it would be something else but it seems like another zombie book to me. Maybe there's more too it and it'll get better, but I don't really like zombie books. Walking Dead is the only one I read and it's not really about the zombies.

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yeah i know looks like that but im hoping it isnt. But i love Garth an his brilliance so ill stick through it. Walking Dead was an awesome title i stopped reading becaue couldnt find any more after 39 where im at. And couldnt find a condensed version my other way

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Argh... That was horrible.

Some things you can't unsee.

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