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Brief History

The origin of the living Gargoyle known as the Son of Pan lies in the ancient past when a druid named Derwyddon woke up in the more present time and found out that his old gods had long been banished and other gods had taken their place. Angered and frightened, Derwyddon remade the ancient gods out of stone gargoyles form a church. However, when the gargoyles came to life and started wrecking havoc on the population, he did everything in his power to stop the gargoyeles. He succeed except for a few whom remained alive. One of these was the Son of Pan. He became the pupile of a sorcerer, meanwhile learning much about humanity, and even hid under them. Eventually, the Son of Pan allied himself with the Six-Fingered Hand. This resulted in him switching bodies with a man named Isaac Christians, as part of a deal with the devil. Isaac was however helped by the superhero team known as the Defenders whom won the day. This resulted in the Son of Pan become stuck in the body of the Gargoyle, although non of the participants where aware of this at that moment, thinking Isaac had just been transformed to look like a gargoyle. It took the Son of Pan, now in the body of Isaac Christians years to finally locate his gargoyle body, whom was now in use by Isaac Christians. He lured Isaac back into his own bodie, so that the Son of Pan was once more in control of his own Gargoyle body. At this time however, the druid Derwyddon returned, allied himself with Isaac, and fought the Son of Pan, managing to defeat the demons. This was however at the cost of Isaac losing his human form once again and being stuck in the Gargoyle body. The Son of Pan likewise returned to the bodt of Isaac. Isaac then slew his normal human form and thereby killed the Son of Pan.


The body of the Gargoyle already made it's first appearance in Defenders 94, when Isaac Christians inhabited the body. The Son of Pan however made his own appearance in Gargoyle issue 1.

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