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If you think the first blockbuster issue was great, wait'll you see THIS one!! More scintillating giant women in action behind this issue's spectacular Silvano cover than you can get anywhere else in comicdom!! This issue opens with out title star, GARGANTA herself, drawn into a tense, real-life crime scenario with thousands of lives in the balance. She must use her size-changing & crimefighting skills in new and innovative ways in order to stop a crisis at the biggest NASCAR event of the year, in "Off To The Races!!", written & drawn by Mark G. Heike, with ink finishes by Jeff Austin. Then, two of the most-requested GTS plots ever by FEMFORCE fans happen this issue: Actress & one-time giantess Marla Allison returns in "Attack Of The 5' 6" Woman", plotted & drawn by Eric Theriault, inked & dialogued by Mark G. Heike. A burglar gets (dare we say it) a big surprise , as we learn that Marla is looking for (dare we say it) big things from a new direction. Then- it's the worst nightmare imaginable for the FEMFORCE when STELLA STARGAZE attains giant size in "Terror On A Tear"; written by Xizor and drawn by Silvano. If you like super economy-sized sexy and glamorous women in stories of action & excitement, this is the book for you. And remember, GARGANTARAMA THE COMIC BOOK is a flip-book- once you finish reading GTCB, just turn it over, flip past Ken Hunt's flip cover illustration, and you have FEMFORCE #138- one big comic book made up of two great features baxck-to-back. FEMFORCE #138 features ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN STORIES FROM COVER TO COVER!!! Another action-packed issue starring the longest-running female super-team in history!! Start off with that rambunctious RAD, who returns to bedevil her mother, FF head honcho MS. VICTORY in "My Own Worst Enemy". A revenge-seeking madman engineers a battle royale between the two distaff titans that may costs BOTH of their lives- and what might it's conclusion portend? Written by Chris Irving, with art by Gianluca Cerrutelli and Jeff Austin. Then, picking up the thread of last issue's mysterious events, NIGHTVEIL suddenly finds herself at the gravesite of The HAUNTED HORSEMAN, confronted by a new enemy- The BLUE BULLETEER!?! "Shadowhunt" is written by Chris Irving, with art by Ken Hunt (who also drew this issue's stellar front cover) & inks by Mark Heike. Then, TARA FREMONT gets back to her jungle roots in a sequel to a story that appeared in FF #128, as she gets the upper hand on a band of murderous poachers in "Silence Falls on Jungle Island", written by Enrico Teodorani, and drawn by Antonio Conversano. And although we know (based on last issue's events) that SHE-CAT has disappeared, she's in action here in a short feature from another time & place titled "It Was Just Another Night", also written by Enrico Teodorani, with art by Drew Gardner...







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