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Garbage Man was a drug dealer that employed a group of young mutants called Trash to be runners in his operation. Trash would come into conflict with the Power Pack when Alex Power decides to take down a client's crack house. A fight ensues between the two groups and the crack house is destroyed when Blasting Cap starts a fire during the confrontation. Garbage Man is furious because Trash failed to protect one of his client's manufacturing operation and tells his crew that they would have to work for him for free until his debt to his client is paid in full. Garbage Man gives them another chance and tells Trash to deliver some cocaine to a relocated crack house near the river. Power Pack spots Trash and follows them back to Garbage Man's headquarters. A fight ensues when Power Pack crashes the party but they are defeated in battle. Garbage Man wanted the Trash members to inject the Power Pack with a fatal dose of drugs and dump their bodies near a crack house. Trash refuses to kill for him and they fight back against Garbage Man. They needed help so they freed the Power Pack and they teamed together against the Garbage Man. They end up knocking Garbage Man through the floor but he starts to emerge soon after. Blasting Cap unleashes a powerful blast that destroys all of Garbage Man's inventory. Power Pack and Trash go their separate ways after the team up and Garbage Man appeared to have escaped after the explosion.   


Garbage Man was created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove in 1987 and first appeared in Power Pack # 31.    

Powers & Abilities

Garbage man possessed superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. The extent is unknown.

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