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Open w/ Target on surface
Gantz teleports people who have recently died to his apartment and gives them arsenal, equipment, a super suit, and a target then teleports them off to another location. Gantz shows a sense of humor by giving the Gantz Hunters humorous nicknames. There's a hairless naked man inside the ball (revealed when the sphere opens) who seems to be in a comatose state and attached to the sphere internally. If you request something from him, you can make him do it by sticking your finger in his ear although it won't work for anything he wouldn't do. Later in the series the group is teleported into another Team's territory. After a few more implication of more than one Gantz Sphere it is revealed that a factory in Germany manufactures a large amount of Gantz Spheres. After making 100 points, three options will appear on the sphere's surface: To be free and lose all memory of anything Gantz related, to get a weapon upgrade, or to revive a human from the Gantz's memory. Also, Gantz can show the hunters thumbnails of every hunter that has ever been in the room and even any human that were set as targets.

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