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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 360: "Confession and Repentance" (告白と懺悔 "Kokuhaku to Zange")
  • Chapter 361: "Battlecry" (戦線叫叫 "Sensen Kyōkyō")
  • Chapter 362: "Meager Redemption" (儚い贖い "Hakanai Aganai")
  • Chapter 363: "Sky Tower" (空の塔 "Sora no Tō")
  • Chapter 364: "Dissonant Resonance" (不協和の共鳴 "Fu Kyōwa no Kyōmei")
  • Chapter 365: "Deal with the Devil" (外道ネゴシエイション "Gedō Negoshieishon")
  • Chapter 366: "The Great Escape" (ザ・グレイト・エスケープ "Za Gureito Esukēpu")
  • Chapter 367: "How to Make a Hero" (英雄の作り方 "Eiyū no Tsukurikata")







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