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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 304: "Shooting Stars" (シューティングスター "Shūtingu Sutā")
  • Chapter 305: "Rejected Surrender" (降伏却下 "Kōfuku Kyakka")
  • Chapter 306: "Tokyo Eliminator" (トーキョー・エリミネーター "Tōkyō Eriminētā")
  • Chapter 307: "Giga Structure" (ギガ・ストラクチャー "Giga Sutorakuchā")
  • Chapter 308: "Collision with the Unknown" (未知との激突 "Michi to no Gekitotsu")
  • Chapter 309: "Deciding to Open Fire" (決意の火蓋 "Ketsui no Hibuta")
  • Chapter 310: "People Saved, Things Wasted" (救えた者と零した物 "Sukuetamono to Koboshitamono")
  • Chapter 311: "Stealth Hope" (ステルスの希望 "Suterusu no Kibō")







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