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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 257: "Desperation" (やぶれかぶれ "Yabure Kabure")
  • Chapter 258: "Splatterhead" (パチパチヘッド "Pachipachi Heddo")
  • Chapter 259: "Half-Awakened" (半覚醒 "Hankakusei")
  • Chapter 260: "Vs. the SDF" (対自衛隊 "Tai Jieitai")
  • Chapter 261: "Annihilation Vs. Extinction" (消滅と消失 "Shōmetsu to Shōshitsu")
  • Chapter 262: "Like a Cockroach" (ゴキブリなみ "Gokiburi nami")
  • Chapter 263: "Impossible Death" (ありえない死 "Arienai Shi")
  • Chapter 264: "Mind Over Muscle" (柔よく剛を... "Jū Yoku Gō wo...")







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