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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 227: "Mystery Hunter" (ミステリーハンター "Misuterī Hantā")
  • Chapter 228: "The Dinner Table of The Black Suits" (黒服の食卓 "Kuro Fuku no Shokutaku")
  • Chapter 229: "Flow" (流出 "Ryūshutsu")
  • Chapter 230: "Split Bamboo" (唐竹割り "Karatake Wari")
  • Chapter 231: "Home Visit" (家庭訪問 "Katei Hōmon")
  • Chapter 232: "Altruism" (利他的行動 "Ritateki Kōdō")
  • Chapter 233: "Let's Go Somewhere" (一緒にどっか "Issho ni Dokka")
  • Chapter 234: "A Hero, Me?" (英雄, 俺? "Eiyū, Ore?")
  • Chapter 235: "Junk Party" (ジャンクパーティー "Janku Pātī")
  • Chapter 236: "Photocatalytic Disinfection" (光殺菌 "Hikari Sakkin")
  • Chapter 237: "...Next Phase" (...ネクストフェイズ "...Nekusuto Feizu")







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