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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 215: "The Pathos of Rejoicing" (歓喜のパトス "Kanki no Patosu")
  • Chapter 216: "100 Points..." (100点... "Hyakuten...")
  • Chapter 217: "How to Use Freedom" (自由の使い方 "Jiyū no Tsukai Kata")
  • Chapter 218: "Comeback" (カムバック "Kamubakku")
  • Chapter 219: "The Third Revived Person" (3人目の生還者 "Sanninme no Seikansha")
  • Chapter 220: "Number One" (いちばん "Ichiban")
  • Chapter 221: "Good Work" (おつかれさま "Otsukaresama")
  • Chapter 222: "Older and Younger Brother" (兄と弟 "Ani to Otōto")
  • Chapter 223: "Remains That Can't Be Erased" (消せない残滓 "Kesenai Zanshi")
  • Chapter 224: "Lovely Stalker" (ラブリーストーカー "Raburī Sutōkā")
  • Chapter 225: "Key" (カギ "Kagi")
  • Chapter 226: "Contact" (コンタクト "Kontakuto")







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