Ganon respect thread

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Bookman says:

"To the coolest video game villian out there!"

Agreed! Ganon rocks awesomely. And, unlike a certain other Nintendo villain who also commonly kidnaps a princess, half of Ganon's schemes actually work.

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greatest villain in games ever

what else could you expect if he is the enemy of the greatest hero in games ever lol

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To the coolest video game villian out there!

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I've never seen this guy before.

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i betcha ganon would beat anyone in the nintendo series i mean villians

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have ya ever played zelda?

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Ahh, Ganon. A true classic.

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Know this hasn't been posted in a year, but... gonna need to go to 2:00 for the scene.

  Killing an immortal with his bare hands= Boss. 

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