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In writer/artist David Lloyd's "The Big Snooze," a mutt with a nose for trouble takes a bite out of crime--literally. In "The Initiation" (written by Joe R. Lansdale and Rick Klaw, with art by Tony Salmons), a trio of teens faces their biggest fears outside the local convenience store. And in "Electric Chinese Death" (written by Richard Bruning, with art by Mark Chiarello), a pair of mob enforcers wander into the wrong part of Chinatown.

Gangland issue #4, is split up into 3 mini stories,

This story follows the life of a criminal dog, who after leaving his life of crime was initiated into the police force, k-9 squadron. We see his high times, his low times and his dimise.

We first see dino in a Prison cell, his darkened face behind depressing rusty bars, he gives us the feeling that when he leaves this cage, his life will come to a premature ending.

Dino is lying down on a bed in the vets surgery room, he is looking beaten and he feels death is near. Darkness.

Flashback. Dino's previous owner is "kicking the crap outa him"

we learn of the owners anger at dino due to him failing to prove useful on a criminal job he was sent on. Darkness.

when Dino awakes we see conversations between a few cops. Debating wether Dino can be trained as a police dog, there are doubts, Dino has been trained to attack the uniform, and he needs teaching otherwise.

Dino's training is successfull, he is now part of a k-9 team, trained to take down the criminals. We see Dino in training, unlike the other Dogs he has a hard time keeping up performance and keeping his mind on the job.

The Uniform have reached the end of their teather, Dino feels the growing impatience of the cops and decides to flee.

While evading his new owners, Dino runs into an old friend. His previous owner. Dino does not hold back, his emotions get the better of him,

Dino does not leave much of the man intact,

Eventually we see Dino back in his cage as a mysterious character attends to take him to his "Big Snooze"







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