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These are all character with gamma-radiation induced transformations. Originally most of them were Green-skinned (or with other green features, such as hair), super-strong characters. However, this now includes Red-skinned Hulks and at least three She-Hulks.

List of Gamma Creatures on Earth-616


Aberration deceased--When Norman Osborn/Green Goblin controlledmuch of the Marvel universe, he allowed the mad General Ryker to test gamma radiation and other energy sources on human subjects.

Many died, but three female subjects (who had been soldiers on death row) survived and became Gamma Corps Black.

One of them was Aberration, who had gotten DNA from Abomination. Already mentally unstable, Aberration become sadistic and vicious. However she died in battle with Lyra the She-Hulk.


A-Bomb--Rick Jones had escaped from the poorly run foster home where he lived and, on a dare, began playing a harmonica in a gamma testingzone. Head scientist Bruce Banner ran out to save him from an upcoming explosion. He did prevent Rick Jones from taking large amounts of radiation, but got hit by it instead. Banner then turned into first the Gray Hulk and the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk was mentally unstable and fought on both the sides of good and evil with Jones often serving as his sidekick. Jones married, but his wife seemingly died. After being near Hulk when his pent up rage let out another blast of gamma radiation, the already irradiated Jones began to transform.

The forces of the Intelligencia then did an operation on him transforming him into a blue creature resembling the deceased Abomination. Calling himself A-Bomb, the creature was at first slow-witted but soon regained Jones' intellect. Recently he found that his wife had been turned into a harpy. When a temporarily de-powered Bruce Banner brought her back to normal, Jones was reunited with her once more.


Abomination deceased--Russian-American soldier Emil Blonsky became Abomination after purposefully exposing himself to vast amounts of radiation, which gave him vast strength and regeneration yet seriously injured his sanity. Abomination was one of the Hulk's most fiercest and bitter foes, even going so far as to kill Hulk's love Betty Ross. Red Hulk aka General Thunderbolt Ross, who was Betty's father, eventually killed Abomination in a fight that leveled an entire Siberian village.

Abomination did not remain dead for long; Amatsu-Mikaboshi resurrected him for his attempt to bring chaos to the Universe. Abomination is now much, much stronger--able to take on several Hulks at once.


Abominatrix--Florence Sharps agreed to be experimented on with gamma radiation by Keaton's Savings and Loan Company. The experiment gave her super-strength and regeneration but greatly damaged her sanity. Hired by Keaton (the company's head) to find the secret location of a nuclear warhead, Sharps (now calling herself Abominatrix) first came into conflict with Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk.

Abominatrix was defeated and her employer died while the codes and chemicals used in her creation were destroyed, yet for now Abominatrix still lives, though in the confines of Prison 42. She is a frequent ally and even friend of Captain Rectitude.

Doc Samson

Doc Samson deceased--A therapist Bruce Banner (aka Hulk) approached and worked with to control his monstrous transformations, Samson allowed himself to take large amounts of gamma radiation, which increased his strength and regenerative factors substantially. After flirting with Banner's romantic interest Betty Ross Banner allowed himself to take a small amount of extra radiation and become the Hulk again (he had been temporarily de-powered). Samson felt guilty and began working with Banner again to control his monstrous transformations. He later provided psychiatric support to X-Factor and the Initiative, but after taking more gamma radiation in World War Hulk the Intelligencia transformed him, using his bitterness over not being accepted as a hero since he had taken a therapists role to make him a savage, stronger version of his former self. He fought against Hulk, Skaar, and A-Bomb for a while (even leading Banner into a trap where he got de-powered), but eventually decided to return to his heroic roots, sacrificing his life to keep radiation from contaminating and killing several heroes including Captain America, Namor, Spider-man, and Deadpool.

Geiger--Empire State University student Delilah "Dee Dee" Deerborn was


spilled with gamma radiated chemicals in a lab accident. Deerborn gained super strength, regeneration, and power absorbing/activated abilities; she lost control of her powers and began to pose a threat (even becoming a puppet of the villain Patchwork).

Doc Samson was able to help her focus her powers to her hair as he did. She later joined the Initiative and gained further strides in controlling her power. She then was sent to the Mavericks of New Mexico and continued to serve after Siege.

Grey--Brian Talbot disliked his older brother John Talbot, who was a bitter


enemy of the Hulk. After John's death, though, Brian agreed to let General Ryker test on him so he would gain the strength to take down the Hulk.

Brian became Grey, who had both enhanced strength and intelligence. He was apart of the Gamma Corps and was briefly an outlaw before being recruited by Norman Osborn to work for HAMMER.


Griffin--Formerly the Clown, sometime leader of the circus of crime, Elliot Franklin was approached by General Ryker to undergo gamma radiation and testing. He was chosen do to his experience fighting super-humans, including Spider-man and Hulk.

Elliot eagerly agreed and was transformed into the flying, taloned, acid spitting, super-strong, regenerating creature Griffin. Elliot's sanity was slightly damaged, but other than that he retained all his mental faculties. He fought Hulk multiple times, serves with the Gamma Corps, and recently worked for Norman Osborn and HAMMER.


Halflife--After surviving a blast from one of Leader's gamma bombs, Anthony Masterson was turned into a more monstrous form with tremendous strength and violent tendencies. Halflife discovered he could only survive by absorbing the life energy of a large animal (especially a person) every few hours, in despair he began working for the Leader.

During his "job" Halflife clashed with the Incredible Hulk multiple times. After attempting to absorb all of Hulk's energy and life-force Halflife's body was overloaded and he disintegrated.


Hotshot--A regular high schooler in the small town of Middleton Arizona, Louis Lembert was one of only five to survive a gamma bomb blast triggered by the Leader in the hopes of creating new meta-humans. Lembart became Hotshot, having received heat-blasting powers as well as green skin from the radiation.

Along with his girlfriend Jailbait he served with Riot Squad for a while, both when it was servants of the Leader and later when it became a heroic mercenary group. He helped kill Omnibus for nearly radiating much of the western hemisphere, but later left the team to piece his life together with Jailbait.

Hiro Kala

Hiro Kala--For a brief time the Incredible Hulk was king of the planet Skaar and married to the alien Caeira. However an explosion destroyed most of the planet's inhabitants and Hulk left believing his wife and her unborn child dead. As it turned out, the Oldstrong power over earth that dwelled within the planet saved the mother in a spiritual form, and her son was resurrected. Later still it was discovered that she had not one child but two. The first, Skaar, become a leader of his planet and saved the population, but then his anger amplified Galactus's crazed hunger.

The second, who always remained in the form of the gray skinned aliens despite having both Oldstrong power and gamma radiation, then took up the job of leader. Sometimes his motives were violent, but he did lead the people out of Galactus's clutches. Upon discovering his strength was powered by love instead of anger like his father, he killed his true love in order to gain the strength to battle his foes. His power has been amplified further with the presence of the Ka'rai Worldmind, but he fears the unpredictableness of the Oldstrong power. Kala hates his brother for his acts as leader and the leaving of his people, yet he shares a link with him they know when they are near each other. A touch from Caeiro's spiritual form burned up half of Hiro's face.

Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk--Bruce Banner was one of the smartest men on the planet and the premier source on information regarding gamma radiationwhen

he ran into a testing field in order to save teen-runaway Rick Jones. A bomb went off and Bruce Banner was exposed to massive amounts of radiation, transforming him into the Gray Hulk.

Later, the gamma radiation mutated Banner so that whenever he became upset he transformed into the giant green monster known only as the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk has a good heart but a short temper and has fought for both the sides of good and evil. He once declared war on Earth and defeated almost all the heroic superhuman forces in America as well as a large portion of the military.


Jailbait--Once an ordinary teenager in the Arizonan small-town of Middleton, Jessie Harrison was one of only five who survived a gamma explosion triggered by the Leader in order to create more meta-humans. Harrison's sanity was slightly affected, but the radiation did give her both green skin and the far more useful ability to create energy-cages (force fields) around herself or anything else she chose that was in her immediate vicinity. Along with her sweetheart Hotshot, Jesse entered Riot Squad. Using the code-name Jailbait she served with the team for a while, during the time when they were the Leader's servants as well as when they were a gang of heroic mercenaries. She participated in the killing of Omnibus for attempting to irradiate much of the Western Hemisphere, but has since quit in order to work out her life and her relationship with Hotshot.

The Leader

Leader--Samuel Sterns was but a janitor for a gamma radiation research facility when a bizare accident gave him a transformation. Unlike Hulk, it was Leader's mind instead of body that was enhanced (however his sanity was negatively affected). Leader is responsible for thousands of deaths but also the creation of the Riot Squad. He is one of the Inteligencia (a team of criminal masterminds), which made Red Hulk, A-Bomb, and Red-She Hulk.

After attempting to take over the world with MODOK, Leader is defeated by a group of Hulks and Red Hulk drains his gamma energy, leaving him with only baseline intelligence. Arrested and presumably placed in Prison 42, Leader is suicidal. A new creature appearing and claiming to be Leader's pre-teen son has taken up his father(?)'s legacy, calling himself the Superior. Leader is the brother of the gamma-powered Mad Man.

Lyra the She-Hulk

Lyra the She-Hulk--Lyra was created when Thundra merged the Incredible Hulk's cheek cells with sperm and impregnated herself. Lyra grew up in Thundra's dimension, where the female gender were engaged in a lengthy war against the radiated and unstable men. She can change from an already super-strong woman into a tall, green form similar to the original She-Hulk's and gains strength the calmer she is. Lyra succeeded in helping the women of her time build up their empire; but after he mother revealed Lyra's identity and then mysteriously vanished her people turned against her, not trusting the child of a man (in their time women reproduced through advanced science). Lyra left to Earth-616 and served in ARMOR as well as helping to stop the Intelligencia from . She originally had a feud with her mother, but later realized Thundra wanted the best for her. For a time Lyra had a sentient robot named Boudicca on her wrist, but she had to sacrifice it in order to infiltrate the Frightful Four.

Mad Man

Mad Man--Phil Sterns went to college with Bruce Banner and ended up getting his older brother Samuel a job there as a janitor. Envious of Banner's intelligence, Phil got quite upset when Banner turned himself into the Hulk through gamma radiation. After his brother Samuel gained super-intelligence in the same way and became the Leader, Phil decided he was going to try his luck with gamma as well. Developing a serum Phil injected it into himself; however he had not perfected it. Phil's body mutated into a brownish, misshapen humanoid. Though he gained super-strength and enhanced intellect Phil developed several personalities and became very aggressive. Calling himself Mad Man Sterns clashed with Hulk several times when his inner feelings of envy took control as well as during his violent schemes; he lost most of the time. After developing a gamma poison he nearly killed Hulk, however his enemy actually forced Mad Man's own brother into developing a cure. His strength replenished Hulk confronted Mad Man while threatening the Prince of Whales; in the ensuing battle Hulk tossed his opponent into the Thames River. Mad Man appeared to die but his body was never recovered.


Mess--Once an ordinary citizen (albeit one formerly part of the Army), Nichole Martin's life was forever changed when as an innocent bystander she lost her left arm, leg, side of her face as well as her infant son to a garbage truck tossed aside by an enraged Hulk. Agreeing to join Gamma Corps, Martins had the missing side of her body grafted with limbs grown and modified from that of Abomination. She can now change back to her original human form at will, though the experiments could have damaged her sanity. She battled the Hulk and worked very briefly with her teammates as a black-ops group for Norman Osborn; her current whereabouts are unknown, but at last report she was still with the possibly-outcast Gamma Corps. She is dating her teammate Grey.

Mister Gideon--Originally the human brother of the Falcon, Gideon Wilson blamed the Hulk for the death of his son when Banner (the hulk's alter-ego) refused to give the boy, weakened from AIDS, a blood transfusion for fear it would make him another Hulk (incidentally Banner had years earlier given someone else a blood transfusion, this person being his cousin Jen Walters who later became the original She-Hulk).

Wilson agreed to be tested on by General Ryker with gamma radiation so he could take down the Hulk. However after battling the green Goliath in World War Hulk he decided his revenge was not justified after all. Gideon is not only super-strong but also has titanium bands over his knuckles.


Ogress--Once an ordinary lawyer in the small Arizona town of Middleton, Diane Davids was being held for contempt of court after angrily destroying the case of a publicly-appointed client who she new was guilty when a gamma-blast triggered by the Leader in order to create new meta-humans killed everyone in the town except for four others. With slightly damaged sanity and some super-strength, invulnerability, and a mutated form that sometimes turned green; Davids took the code-name Ogress and joined the other survivors in Riot Squad. She continues to serve the team, and did so throughout their entire duration (including the killing of Omnibus for nearly irradiating much of the Western Hemisphere and its heroic actions in fighting alien invaders).


Omnibus deceased--Leader blasted an entire town with gamma radiation killing most of its residents. Five people survived and gained superpowers. They guarded the Leader's facility for gamma-injured patients as the Riot Squad.

Omnibus was one of them--like Leader the radiation had enhanced his intelligence but damaged his sanity. With a little help from the Leader poking through his mind, Omnibus went over the edge and attempted to blast the whole world with gamma energy.

The Riot Squad abandoned him to die in the arctic for his crimes, where he was eaten by a polar bear.


Patchwork--Having gamma-powers of super-strength, regeneration, and possibly genetic splicing; Kyle Barker was a serial killer who wanted to create "the perfect women" by connecting different women's body parts.

He attempted to use Geiger for his plans (due to her powers), but was defeated by Doc Samson and incarcerated. It is very likely samples of his cells were obtained by the Origins Corporation and may even be privately collected as well by General Ryker.

Prima Donna

Prima Donna--Little is known of the young lady code-named Prima Donna.

Due to her super-strong and resilient powers being accompanied by green skin and hair tones, it appears she is gamma powered.

She serves with the heroic Action Pack of Kentucky, who's current roster only has one other member ( Vox).


Prodigy--After spending the first years of his life comatose due to a Hulk-related incident as a child (not in fact while in utero, as commonly believed), Timothy Wilkinson was drafted into Gamma Corps at the age of 18 by his parents. Experimental procedures using the Leader's DND gave Wilkinson telepathy, psychic blasts, mind manipulation, extreme intellect, vast endurance, and very astute telekinesis; he then took on the identity Prodigy. He might possibly have suffered some injuries to his sanity due to the experimentation, but that is not a certain fact. A foe of the Hulk and later an ally of Norman Osborn, Prodigy's current whereabouts are unknown, though at last report he was still working with the now possibly-outcast Gamma Corps.


Rattilore--When Leader triggered a gamma bomb in the dessert, most of the animals around died but about 25 of them survived and were mutated. Gaining varying degrees of intelligence and very unique forms, they became the Outcasts.

Leading them was Rattilore; who now possessed intelligence superior in many ways than to that of a human, despite the fact he had once been an ordinary rattlesnake. The Outcasts fought the Incredible Hulk, but later befriended him. It is unknown where they are now.

Red Hulk/General Thunderbolt Ross!

Red Hulk/Thunderbolt Ross--General Thunerbolt Ross was the gruff coworker of Bruce Banner. When Banner was transformed into the Incredible Hulk, Ross made it his mission to catch or kill him. Ross'sdaughter Betty was in love with Bruce and eventually married him despite his condition. Abomination killed Betty to get revenge on Hulk, a death Ross held Banner responsible for. Ross was briefly transformed into the electric entity Zzzax, but was later separated. Ross had recieved bits of gamma radiation from being around the Hulk so much and after one particularly big blast, the Inteligencia approached him saying they could transform him into something as powerful as the Hulk. Ross accepted and became the energy-absorbing Red Hulk. He still could not defeat Banner (though he did beat the Silver Surfer), and turned on the Inteligencia after discovering their villainous motives. Ross later learned the Inteligencia had ressurrected and transformed Betty into the villainous Red She-Hulk. It now appears Ross is once again on the side of good.

Red She-Hulk

Red She-Hulk--Betty Ross was the daughter of General Thunderbolt Ross and the girlfriend of Bruce Banner.

She remained loyal to Banner after he became the Incredible Hulk and eventually married him.

Abomination killed her in order to upset Banner, but she was later resurrected by the Intelligencia and transformed into the monstrous Red She-Hulk.

The Rock

Rock--Samuel J. LaRoquette had unsuccessful careers in academics and military work (one of which had men dying in an earthquake on a dangerous mission he insisted to follow), the young man was finding it hard to find a job. However, due to his expertise, he was recruited by Bruce Banner to the Hulkbusters. The first mission failed miserably and even killed LaRoquette's former lover. With his reputation further tarnished, LaRoquettte was beginning to despair when he was kidnapped by the Leader and exposed to gamma testing. Losing some sanity but gaining an oddly-shaped, nearly impenetrable rock-like exoskeleton (that granted him much super-strength and some flight), LaRoquette became The Rock and challenged the Hulk (who was also Bruce Banner). The Rock joined Riot Squad and managed to do some heroics, but he still struggles to find success.


Scorpion--The daughter of Monica Rappaccini, the girl originally named Thanasee Rappaccini was adopted by an American family and was called Carmilla Black. At her high school prom, she developed powers of regeneration, super-strength, mild spiritual and DNA absorption, and venom touch and accidentally killed her date. Terrified she fled, but returned years later--only to find her parents were murdered by AIM and her true mother was an AIM chief. Calling herself Scorpion, "Carmilla" joined SHIELD.

She defected after World War Hulk when she realized that she was very much connected to Bruce Banner due to her mother's experimentation on herself with his DNA. Through her AIM connections she joined HYDRA and obtained a position of power. She had a mostly work-based relationship with Hardball, but later left HYDRA steeling all their SPIN tech. She has worked as a hero but also a mercenary, selling a spiritual imprint of Spider-man she had obtained with her powers to the Kravinoffs (who subsequently used it in Grim Hunt and killed Kaine and Mattie Franklin). She has recently grown a real scorpion tail, which is what she uses to focus her powerful gamma venom.


She-Hulk--Jennifer Walters was Bruce Banner's cousin, but as children they were like brother and sister. Walters later became a successful lawyer, while Banner became a scientist. Banner was later transformed into the Incredible Hulk.

Upon witnessing her injured in a car crash, he was forced to give her a blood transfusion of his radiated blood to save her life. The blood transformed Jen into the immensely strong She-Hulk. Jen can alter between human and hulk form at will. She is successful as both a hero and a lawyer, and has been a part of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. She also has had quite the private life, including flings with several important people.


Skaar--For a brief, happy time, Hulk was king of an entire planet and married to the alien Caeiro. However a planet killed most of its inhabitants and Hulk left believing his wife and her unborn son to be deceased. However the son returned, made of the planets earth-based powers and the Hulks rage-based gamma energy. He led well, but eventually his hate consumed him and triggered Galactus's hunger, caused the monster to begin devouring planets once again.

Blaming the Hulk for abandoning him, the son (named Skaar) came to Earth intending to kill him. Upon discovering Hulk had been depowered, he allowed Bruce Banner (the human form of Hulk) to train him for the day the green monster would return. However when that time came he had learned Hulk was not a monster and refused to follow through with his plan. Skaar has the power to cause seismic blasts, as well as the strength to rival the hulk. Skaar is the twin brother of Hiro Kala.

The Superior

The Superior--The Superior claims to be the child of the leader. If this is true, he is no older than twelve; his young-looking body corroborates this idea. Super-intelligent, telepathic, and mildly telekinetic, he experimented on many normal teens (likely killing several). He brainwashed the most powerful to believe they were the children of super-villains and manipulated them into joining his Bastards of Evil. One of the teens, Aftershock, regained his memories in a fight with the Young Allies and attacked his boss. Though Superior killed him, this gave enough time for the Allies to defeat him and his team. They were all sent to prison, but Superior felt confidant he could break them all out and brainwash new identities into his "teammates."

Other Gamma Creatures

Outcasts--When Leader triggered a gamma bomb in the dessert, most of

The Outcasts

the animals around died but about 25 of them survived and were mutated. Gaining varying degrees of intelligence and very unique forms, they became the Outcasts.

Leading them was Rattilore; who now possessed intelligence superior in many ways than to that of a human, despite the fact he had once been an ordinary rattlesnake. The Outcasts fought the Incredible Hulk, but later befriended him. It is unknown where they are now.

Temporary Hulks

Over the years gamma has affected various people for only a brief period of time. This was likely most evident during Fall of the Hulks, when the Intelligencia used a cathaxis ray to give people gamma radiation in a less permanent manner. The energy generally reduced their intelligence and in the cases of the cathaxis ray made them mindless servants of Leader and MODOK.

All of the characters on this list were only briefly Hulks and can likely never become ones again.


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