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Gamma-Burn turned out be a young woman who had volunteered to test a gamma-ray cure for PMS but the gamma radiation had transformed her into a powerful, ugly creature. She was feared and hated so she left Phoenix and headed towards the desert feeling alone and rejected. She came across a man with car trouble and even offered to help fix his radiator but the civilian didn't want her help because she was so ugly. Gamma-Burn had seen a copy of the Soap-Opera Gazette on the front seat of the car and saw one of her favorite actors on the cover named Philip Philips. Gamma-Burn felt that Philip was as sensitive in real life as the character he portrayed on television and she headed towards Hollywood. Gamma-Burn found Philips with two sexy women on each arm and told him she was his biggest fan. Philips was taken back by her appearance and called Gamma-Burn so incredibly ugly. Gamma-Burn's rejection turned into anger and she went on a rampage throughout Hollywood. Gamma-Burn was sick of beautiful people and called them narcissistic so she would go to areas where they congregated like the gyms, hair saloons and the beach to go ballistic. 
Wonder Man was on his way to take a young teen named Esteban Beach home because the kid wanted to be the Avenger's sidekick. Wonder Man saw Gamma-Burn attacking patrons at the beach and had to intervene. The two powerhouses traded blows but Gamma-Burn gained the upper-hand and smacked Simon down with a powerful punch. Gamma-Burn left Wonder Man laying on the ground and crashed through a local tanning saloon one block from the beach. Wonder Man confronted Gamma-Burn in the saloon and crashed through some sun lamps during the fight. Simon remembered that gamma rays are actually u-v rays turned up a notch in megahertz and came up with the idea of hitting his enemy with a heavy dose of gammas. However, Simon had no idea how to power up the sun lamps until Esteban showed up and told him to use his jet pack since it tapped into Wonder Man's ionic power. Esteban who called himself Spider distracted Gamma-Burn during the fight which allowed Simon to hook his jet pack to one of the sun lamps. Wonder Man's juiced up sun lamp unleashed a heavy dose of u-v rays that transformed Gamma-Burn back to her young, beautiful self. The young woman was elated when she saw her pretty hands and was able to be with men again. She was astonished when Philip Philips arrived so she ran towards her favorite actor. However Philips wasn't interested in the cute girl in front of him and what he wanted was Gamma-Burn because her look was so primal, powerful and fascinating in his eyes. Philips bolted off hoping to find that special, five hundred pounds of scaly green muscle. Wonder Man approached the girl to take her home and saw her clutching the sun lamp, asking for gamma rays.   


Gamma-Burn was created by Gerard Jones and Jeff Johnson in 1991 and first appeared in Wonder Man # 3.

Powers & Abilities

 Gamma-Burn possessed superhuman strength, stamina and endurance.

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