tsakura's Gamera vs. Jiger review

Jiger or Monster X?

In this Adventure of Gamera, we get to meet some more Children. =P

Tommy Williams

Susan Williams


These three will be Gamera’s Friends for this Film.

Well, in this one, we get to go to Wester Island. At this Island, there is an ancient Sacred statue. They want to bring it to the World Fair in Osaka, Japan. When they remove it, it gives off a strange sound.

Later, a Giant Lizard Jiger comes after it! They call it, Monster X, or it’s real Name Jiger. I hate it when they HAVE TO change the name. After a failed fight with X, Gamera lays lifeless at the shore.

They two boys jump into a Mini-Sub and go inside Gamera! They find and Kill a Baby X and bring Gamera Back!! Then they find a way to help Gamera finish off X!

The End!

This is one of my favorite Gamera Movies! I liked the story and the Graphics weren’t all that bad, for a Gamera movie. =P I though it was fun twist that Gamera had to lose first. I don’t like them to win all the time. This did great on that. I really thought Monster X was Cool! He had anything a Monster could need. It helped him take Gamera out for a spell.

In all, this is a great Classic Monster Movie! It’s perfect for the Kids!!


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