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A Movie Without Traffic Accidents

I love this movie I really do. I have seen it countless times and can quote nearly every  every line of it.  It is a very entertaining movie. It stars the world's biggest turtle Gamera. This time he is fighting the knife-headed monster Guiron. This movie will make you laugh at nearly everyone in it. There are scientists who don't know stars from planets and careless Asians who don't believe in space aliens even though they have attacked earth before. The non-turtle stars of the movie are Akio and his Caucasion friend Tom. Akio believes the perfect planet has no wars or traffic accidents and tells us about about it several times. When he isn't telling you about the perfect world he's wearing shorts that clearly don't fit him in the least bit, but he makes sure he isn't being immodest by  wearing socks that nearly cover his entire legs. The local polce man Kondo is probably on drugs but kids love him anyways.  
The action begins when Akio and Tom wander on to an alien space ship and turn it on. It takes them to he marvelous world of Terra where they see a repainted Gyaos named by Tom ,an Out of Galaxy Gyaos, get brutally murdered by knife beast Guiron. The boys wander in side where they meet the sole inhabitants of the planet two Aisan women with capes. They trick the boys into eating some drugged doughnuts and milk. They shave Akio's head in an attempt to eat his brain and gain his earth knowledge so they can fit in on earth. Their plan goes wrong when the big turtle himself comes to their rescue. He battles their guardian monster who is revealed to be able to shoot shuriken. The boys escape from their captors with the use of Tom's trusty dart gun. They go home after Gamera repairs their ship with his magical repair breath. Akio and Tom go home to be assaulted by the Japanese press. While on live TV ,Akio  gives a speech telling us love is the way or something like that. 
In all this is a wonderful movies that many will enjoy. Go find it and buy it today
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