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Gamemnae was an Atlantean sorceress who was born 3,000 years ago. She was cast from her home as a child because of her blonde hair, a terrible curse in Atlantean myth. She enslaved the people of Atlantis and its champion Aquaman, by shifting the kingdom back in time to 1004BC. Gamemnae then invoked a prophecy that foretold the coming of the end of the world. Rama Khan gathered a powerful group of ancient heroes to destroy the "7 headed hydra" that would travel through time to bring about the end of the world. 
The "Hydra" turned out to be the JLA, who Gamemnae had feared would track Atlantis through the time disruption and end her plans for world conquest. Following a battle with the Ancients, Gamemnae died in battle with Manitou Raven, the JLA freed Aquaman and Atlantis was returned to its rightful time and place.

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