Where is he now?

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Where is Gambit currently?

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If you mean which comics does he appear in, he has fairly major roles in: 

X-23, (Adjectivless) X-men and X-men Legacy

If the question is where is he in the MArvel universe, he's either on Utopia or in Paris with X-23, also he'll be going to the moon soon.

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He is in Paris with X-23 right now
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He's in X-Men Legacy, where he's going to be part of Rogue's team.

Considering he's in two popular titles at the moment, do we really need a thread to ask 'where is he?', which is usually asked about characters who haven't been seen in several months.

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He's also in the regular team of Adjectivless X-men 15.1 +
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@xerox-kitty: I can't imagine him being a part of Rogue's team much longer in Legacy after what her and Magneto did, but I don't know. Guess we will have to wait and see.
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Honestly I'll be glad if Rogue and Gambit split. They've been boring for a decade and I don't like Rogue anymore as a character. Her 90's character is much better and Gambit is such a wuss when he's around her. His charm is basically just turned off when hes around her its annoying. 

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Love her blue eyes. Gambit is beastly.
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gambit is the smooth cousin of the swamp people

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