What comic series is Gambit currently in???

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Help is much appreciated.
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X-men legacy he is one of the main but is a little underused but might change post schism and he was in X-23's ongoing for a large portion(i think from issue 4 to 12 i'd check the issues on comicvine to make sure) but i think he will only cameo if that

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He was in X-23 when I use to read it a couple of months ago. I am not sure if he is in the series anymore though

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i think hes joining Wolverines new team...

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X-men, hope I helped.

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@TheCheeseStabber said:

i think hes joining Wolverines new team...

Whens Wolverine & the X-men coming out or is it already out
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@soccersss said:

@TheCheeseStabber said:

i think hes joining Wolverines new team...

Whens Wolverine & the X-men coming out or is it already out

I believe it comes out within the next two weeks. And yeah, Gambit is mostly in X-Men Legacy and X-Men. Other X-books he's usually in the background.

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@Renny: The two titles that he appears the most in are X-Men: Legacy and X-23.

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Yeah he's currently in X-Men-Legacy, he's in every issue but his role is very small (i dont think the writer likes him), after Schism he'll probably get a better role with the new writer.

He's also in X-23, the current arc he only has a small role but usually he's in it quite a bit.

For a couple of arcs he was in X-Men, if you want to pick them up. But Gambit is on Wolverines side so he won't how up in that again.

Also recently he's appeared in Herc, Daken (X-23 crossover), Childrens Crusade, Wolverine, Uncanny X-Force and Gambit and the Champions, off the top of my head, ranging from cameos to lead roles.

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I'm hoping that he'll continue making frequent appearances in the X-23 series. He got more panel time, more character developement, and more cool moments he's gotten in years, even though he was only a supportive character. He and Laura made a great team, and there was also some fun male-bonding between him and Wolverine. Out of all his recent appearances, this one is clearly the best. I think Liu writes him very well. Currently, she seems to be the only writer who really gets and appreciates Gambit.

He's doing so little in the other X-Men titles that they're hardly worth a mention. He's been a regular character in X-Men: Legacy for a while now, but he doesn't really get to do anything in it except offering back-up in battles and having the occasional banter with Frenzy. I'm hoping that he'll be featured more after Schism.

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Gillen said that he wanted to use Gambit in Uncanny, post-Schism, but got turned down in favor of keeping him in Legacy.

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@lykopis: Damn straight

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@lykopis: I have no doubt that she will. She has proven to be a really solid writer, especially for gambit.

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Gambit will be in Astonishing X-Men starting with Issue 48 along with Wolverine, Warbird, Northstar, Cecilia Reyes, and others!

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