What are Gambit's powers?

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I've never really followed the X-Men too closely but I've recently become interested in Gambit. I don't fully understand his powers however. Does he have some form of telekinesis? Forgive me, the only true "feat" I've seen of him in from the Origins movie and I imagine that's.. Far from the truth, to say the least.

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@xel820: It's on his wiki page lol

He has the ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy by touching it. When he charges an object like his trademark deck of cards, he throws them and they detonate. For more specifics just head to his wiki page and scroll down to powers. ^____^

No telekinesis, the origins movie just didn't do any character justice lol

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A quick wiki look would have helped, but whatevs.

What he did in Origins ala controlling the deck like that, he does not do that. His powers are not a form of telekinesis. His powers are activated by making skin contact with an object or person. And with that contact Gambit is able take the potential energy of said object or human, turn the energy into kinetic energy to the point the object or person explode. He can control the degree of these explosives so that they just physically hurt without maiming someone or to the point he can blow someone up. He's shown he can charge a suit of armor on someone and blow a hole in their torso to just subtly charging a choker on a vampire's neck and their head pops off without much of a boom. He's also charged his bo staff and thrown it to the point he leveled a house. So, Gambit's ability and precision on the power scope of his abilities is top notch. It really just depends on the length of the charge, how much of something he is charging, and how big the object is he is charging.

Along with making things go boom, his powers grant him heightened mobility and reflexes. He's shown to deflect machine gunfire from multiple people without a huge strain on his part. He's incredibly agile and flexibility because of this as well. His powers also grant him a form of "charm" over people, allowing a subtle influence over someone's mind. But strong minds have been proven immune over this ability. And he has some solid telepathic resistance because of his powers as well.

On top of these abilities, Gambit is master thief. He is adept at Savate (French kick-boxing) and bo-staff fighting.

Oh, and you will hear mixed things about Gambit only being able to charge non-organic material. That's how his powers used to be and seem to be once more thanks to McNiven and Asmus not knowing of this when they write him. Gambit's shown over the past couple of years at least 2-3 instances of being able to charge organic matter now. So he can charge people now, but some will argue since Asmus and McNiven didn't know about this, they exclude it. He's shown that he can charge Sebastian Shaw, a lizard, and Daken's arm and even stated he can charge anyone or anything. The latter two happening within the last 3 years or so.


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