Taylor Kitsch Gives His Thoughts On A Gambit Spin-off

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#51 Posted by Ashra (674 posts) - - Show Bio

Ew.  I abhorred this guy's portrayal of my 2nd favorite comic book character of all time.  He didn't sound like Gambit.  Didn't look like Gambit. Didn't act like Gambit.    
Personally, I would love a Gambit movie but it seems highly unlikely.  Wouldn't want to watch any Rogue/Gambit crap.   *throws up in mouth at the thought*

#52 Edited by OneHappyIgloo (8 posts) - - Show Bio

If they don't make the Gambit movie a spin-off off of (lol) the xmen-origins movie, they could probably make a spin-off off of (there it is again) X3. The director of X3 said Gambit was supposed to be in X3, fighting Bobby AKA Iceman for the love interest of Rogue. Hell, even Channing Tatum said he would be interested in the role (I'm glad he was turned down, though). Then again they would have to make Gambit younger if a relationship with Rogue would pan out and I don't think I want to see that. 
PS: Anyone else realize X3 makes an awesome smiley? =D  

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