Miss Sinister

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Gambit and Sinister have quite a history that I want to say has not been completely reveled or ever will. But now that there is a Miss Sinister what are the odds of Gambit going bad (which is a possibility with the Horsemen of Death still in the his system) and hooking up with Miss Sinister?

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Personally, I can't see that happening.  I get the impression that Mike Carey wants to tackle the story of 'what happened to Gambit & how he got rid of Apocalypse's influence'.  I don't think Mike Carey is the kind of writer who would throw in a random relationship like that.  And even if Gambit did turn permanently evil, I don't think that would mean he'd be attracted to a female version of the man who's controlled him for so many years.  His character still seems attached to Rogue.  So I wish they'd hurry up and put the two of them together...

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Well I didn't mean they would do it in the near future, but where Remy and Sinister are concerned who knows whats going to happen. I agree on putting Rogue and Remy together so we can see some happy moments for those characters, which are few and far between. But with the writers hinting at putting Sinister back in Xavier, its just crazy how this guy keeps coming back.

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