Looking for Gambit fans or scholars to help me find a quote

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Ok I am looking for info on a quote where Gambit is talking about how hes a loner and wolverine is to and because of this he relates to wolvie, it was a pretty heartful set of words, was quite a lengthy sentence if I remember right, and the image with it was of his face, really good art of gambit, his eyes are also completely shadowed to black. I can't find it online, I had the image like 7 years ago, lost now. please help me. I want to use this also as research for a comic I am making about loner style hero, would be a great reference. THANKS.

ps: might have been from the 1990s too.

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I think i might know the quote but let me take a look.

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"Say to you, homme, what I said to the real Wolverine last time we tussled: 'Bang, you dead!''

"I wish I was da snake everyone says I am then I leave my past sins and past lives behind me.''

"de names Gambit Remember it"

"You want me to kinetically charge dese cards--and use 'em to make a new doorway outta de wall instead? Just when I was afraid de only reason ya asked me to come along is my irrisistable animal magnetism."

and my personal favorite: "To my friends, de name's Remy LeBeau. To my enemies, it's Gambit! You can go on ahead an' forget dat first name right about now."

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good quote Soccersss but thats not it. Gambit uses the word "loner" in the sentence and mentions wolverine. Gambit is talking to himself about how he feels he relates to wolverine a lot (or the most) because they are both loners (the word loner was used). THANKS tho, great quote.

and the image with it, was a picture of gambits faced, mostly shadowed and his eyes are completely shadowed.

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Oh my bad I didn't finish reading your post. I have gone through the X-men comics I had while browsed little online but I couldn't find anything. I hope you find what you are looking for

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Was it the one where he says that he's the kind of person that laugh at the problem in the world.

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For a second I thought you meant when he said
"No real friendships. No lasting Loves"

But that's not it, he was only talking about himself

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@Purgy: I dont remember, all i remember was it was a close up of gambits face, a quite lengthy sentence, I think he was talking to himself, and he mentions how he relates to wolverine being a loner. The picture of gambit is an awesome one, he is heavily shadowed. I looked in every gambit gallery and none have it! thanks for the effort!

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i think i remeber it but trying to figure out which issue it was in.

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Here's are two websites with a bunch of qoutes from Gambit

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