How will he react?

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Gambit has always fancied Rogue and will always care for her but seeing her recent turn for the worse in Uncanny Avengers how do you think Gambit will react when he finds out?

Will he blame Wolverine and Havok?

Not be phased at all?

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I have a feeling he'll blame Logan. Saying he should have had her back and been there for her. I think Logan would even try a bro-hug on him since Logan will relate it to Jeans passing and how upset he was. During the said bro-hug he might decide actually it is Havoks fault as he was team leader and Gambit beats the crap out of him and Wolverine has to pull him off of Havok.

I dunno I can just imagine Gambit getting angry over it all.

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Of course he would be pissed. Him and Rogue haven't been together for awhile now, but they've still shown they care about each other.

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@god_spawn: do you reckon they'll bother showing Gambits reaction in the comics or just brush pass it.

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Out of everyone (and this includes Mystique), Gambit would have the worst reaction to Rogue's death. Not only do they still love each other, they consider the other their best friend.

I think something will be made from it, leading into the new X-Factor series. I know I saw some previews (inked only) where Gambit's face registers some kind of distress. I will try to find it.

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k - here are the panels where he's interacting with Wolverine and in one of them, he looks all sad/distressed. I'm interpreting it to mean that he's holed himself up in the Danger Room and Wolverine is giving him a little tough love and offering the position on X-Factor to get him back into the game.

(Sidenote: However, what is up with Gambit's eyes? That's a pretty big mistake.)

Anyhoo -- Ihere they are if anyone's interested:

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They were one of the biggest couples in Marvel. You can't just brush off Gambit's reaction to Rogue's death. After the way he acted when Omega and Mimic came to town and Rogue helped them and almost died, I see him going into depression, maybe even getting more involved with his working underground control of the Thief's Guild. You know turning bad guy. I am upset with her death and all, but History of X-men has proven anyone can come back from the dead.

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Well this wasnt him reacting to Rogues death just Logan telling him to get his head out of his butt and fly straight. Funny coming from Logan.

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