Horsemen of Death

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 X-men Legacy has show that Gambit has some of Apocalypse's leftovers from the Horsemen of Death period.  Do you think Apocalypse is coming back?  We never did find out how Gambit returned to normal, he just disappeared with Sunfire for a while.

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I have a feeling that Mike Carey will explore that in future issues of Legacy :)
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I don't know, but it is a posibillity! I just hope there will be more Romy! And hell Gambit and Rogue better get married and have kids and get married envutrully! Hopefully then they'll live too
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It'd be great if Remy had some limited control over his horseman form, like in times of great need he could pump all his power into becoming his Death form where his skin turns black & his hair looses all colour but his abilities take on their previous form where he was noxious & powerful. I know... it does seem very thoughtless &, in one sense or another, super-saiyan but it'd still be interesting for a while! At least till they devise some new story arc where Sinister yet again fixes his powers. 

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He seemed to have some control over the powers because he took care of the guy and then reverted back to normal, but he may be in defensive mode. When there is no threat he becomes normal again. They showed Apocalypse in X-Force helping wolverine and all so I am not sure if it could be bad or good on Gambit going Horseman of Death. 
I am sick of Remy owing a debt to Sinister I almost wish they would confront what Sinister has done for him that he just keeps coming back.  But with Sinister being Miss Sinister it scares me even more. I do not want that to become a possible romance between them, I do not think Gambit would go for that because its just too weird.
I do agree Rogue and Gambit should get married, because that would be an issue I would love to read, Jean Grey and Cyclops are the only other couple who were together longer than Romy. God forbid that Rogue or Gambit would die, but I have hope for their relationship.

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bump. deserves more discussion. 
im glad they didnt sweep the whole horseman thing under the rug.

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Angel swaps between the two verisons, why not Gambit as well. 

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