GAMBIT's Costume! like or not like ?

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I have a similar topic in the Cable forums.. 
Just wondering, Gambit's costume hasnt evolved much since he was created, brown trench coat and pink/black coloured suit!  
I always loved the design fo the character, just wondering if you guys like or dislike his costume ? and do you think he needs a make over?
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I love Gambit's costume. It's a nice transition from the norm. His horseman of Apocalypse costume is really awesome, though. They should have kept some of the aspects from it when he returned to his normal self.

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Not his original one. The pink and blue get-up was sort of disgusting to me but his attire never ruined the character for me. The X-Treme X-Men/Salvador Larroca version is great, though.

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Anyone else!?
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