Do his powers have anything to do with affecting aerodynamics?

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Try throwing a couple of playing cards. THEY DO NOT FLY STRAIGHT. Throw them as hard and as straight as you can, and they'll just do a lazy flip in the air and hit the ground 4 feet away. Flicking your wrist and giving it as much spin as you can will help it go pretty far, but accuracy is still a non-factor.
In this picture (and any other picture one can find of Gambit throwing cards), he does a regular throw with no special wrist moves, and the cards fly straight as arrows, and they don't appear to be spinning at all.
Does his 'charging' ability affect the aerodynamic properties of the object he is throwing, or do the writers think 'uncanny accuracy' is a sufficient excuse for achieving the impossible?
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I would assume the charging effect gives it abit more mass to make it fly abit straighter. Although they did an experiment on Mythbusters and they were getting playing cards to stick pretty good into a ballistic gel dummy. So they may not be lethal, but paper cuts hurt :)

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I think the more bizarre thing about Gambit's powers is that in charging the cards he somehow turns them all into Aces. Heh.

But yeah I agree that the energy he imparts to them makes them a bit more aerodynamic. Though he is probably Marvel's second best card thrower anyway, after 'Mr I can kill you with a paper object' Bullseye.

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