Confused on power again.

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Ok, Gambit can't charge organic matter, then he can, then he can't, then someone uploads scans proving he can. Has anyone read Gambit #5? Is he back to being unable to charge organic matter again? What is 616 cannon on this subject matter?

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I don't believe there has ever been official statement that says he can charge organic matter under his regular powers. Outside of that, he has multiple showings that says he can. I have Gambit 4-5 on my dresser at home that I will read and get back to this.

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In his fight with Cap in AvX, it said that he couldn't. Then again, I really shouldn't believe anything from that trash... I always get confused with this issue too.

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edit: It's Gambit issue 5, not 4 that stirred up my confusion

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Read the issue. As I said before, it's a little known fact. Asmus could have very EASILY blown over the subtle fact Gambit can charge organic matter now, same way McNiven did. Neither have to read every single Gambit issue out there and at least Asmus is showing unique ways to use Remy's charging powers like the bacteria to get the access code.

And I have evidence from majority, if not all, of the instances he has blown up organic matter with a little blog I made back some months ago. Click here------v


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