Confirmed: Channing Tatum is Gambit

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@wolverine08: No, you're just saying that cause your Wolvey is still played by a talented actor. You damn troll. :P

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@ostyo said:

@wolverine08: No, you're just saying that cause your Wolvey is still played by a talented actor. You damn troll. :P

Wolverine deserves the best. It's only natural.

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Glad to Hear it now we'll definitely Have more &!%$#3$ in tHe tHeaters... I mean, women... women


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@k4tzm4n said:



I'm going to develop an internet crush on you.

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Physically, he can make it, even if he need a little training.

But I don't really know if he's up to the task as an actor. The cajun accent ? Well, he's from Louisiana but that's not a garantee. It's like hiring a chinese because you presume he will know kung fu...

I suppose their hiring him more because he's a known pretty face to put on a truth-to-be-told obscure character, and the producer think he's "bankable" and that's make me rather... sceptic.

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Weird choice but there has to be a good reason as it will be there 3rd time trying to put him in a movie and making him big. (x-men 3 he was in a deleted scene and the obvious wolverine movie). So i wonder why they chose him?

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I have no clue why people hate this guy. Not only is he attractive but he is a good actor. Which should make everyone happy. If he gets the accent then I think he will be great at the role.

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I've never seen a movie with him in, or read a comic with gambit in it, so I can't really comment...but this seems like a bad casting decision to me. Not that I care much for the x-men movies anyway.

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I think they should have just kept the original guy.

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awesome sauce thought its not surprising as there has been talks for this for months now

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@muyjingo said:

He's actually a talented actor. It's why Soderbergh works with him.

He'll be fine.

Perfect director for this.

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It should have been Josh Hartnett- I mean in a non gay ( p.s please don't take that the wrong type of comment ) way I think he would be perfect- slim athletic figure-squinty dark eyes and ive just seen a trailer with him in Penny Dreadful with long hair-perfect match instead of mr.potato head tatum! what doe anyone think?

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*drowns self* blrbrllblrblblrbbrlrblblbb... blbl....

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Ha ha! nice drowning effects!

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Gambit is a bit part anyway

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Channing isn't confirmed yet, he's still "in talks"

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I still think he's got potential to do well.

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@k4tzm4n You can't really blame people for not being happy about the casting. I mean Tatum just isn't a good actor, he even said it himself that he's a bad actor and he mostly gets by on his looks. But the problem with that is he looks nothing like Gambit, like at all. Yes they both are good looking and charming but Gambit has a roguish charm, he's a dangerous guy and a criminal. He's also more complex than you give him credit for with the whole tragic Romeo & Juliet background, his tragic relationship with Rogue and him tragically betraying the X-Men and causing the Mutant Massacre. When Gambit has that smirk on his face you know he's planning your downfall and at least Taylor Kitsch had that stab-you-in-the-back look to him but Channing Tatum looks like a big dumb puppy, when he smirks it doesn't make you think "that guys dangerous but sexy" it makes you think "DAWWWWW".

I think there are many actors who could pull of Gambit a million times better than Tatum and one of them is Gaspard Ulliel. Not only does he look EXACTLY like Gambit but he's also a French actor so doing the accent wouldn't be hard.

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@jonny_anonymous: Granted Ulliel looks a lot like Gambit, but French and cajun are different accents. I don't want to watch a Gambit movie and think 'this guys from France' I want to think "this guys from Louisiana' which I think is more likely with Tatum who is from the south. I think there are many actors who look more the role and who are far better actors than Tatum but I also think this movie doesn't get made without some star power behind it. Channing Tatum has star power. Think Maleficent, that movie wouldn't have done anywhere as near as well in the box office without Angelina Jolie. Gambit might be my favorite Marvel character, but for the majority of movie going audiences, most people don't know or care about Gambit, so you can't just cast an unknown like you could with Spiderman or Batman. You need star power to draw in audiences. Do I think it will be a good movie? Can't just count on Tatums star power (certainly not just his acting ability) to make this a good movie. I'm hoping Fox gets a good director and writers for this. Otherwise we could get another Daredevil.

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@stumpy49er: Just being from the south doesn't mean he can do a Cajun accent, I'd wader it's easier for a French guy to pull on off. I'd rather have a well acted low selling movie then a diluted badly acted one because let's face it, Gambit is only going have the one movie.

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@jonny_anonymous: I don't disagree with you that a well acted low selling movie would be much better than a diluted badly acted movie. I'm just saying Fox studios is going to go with what will make them money. Gambit won't be made without a star playing Remy. I'm just happy to actually get a Gambit movie made, if in fact it does get made. It is still uncertain.

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He grew up in Louisiana around Cajuns.. I think he could pull it off.

-shrug-.... The only thing that might be annoying is all the crazy Channing Tatum fangirls who gives zero sh*ts about comics.

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@stumpy49er: So your saying you'd rather have a long line of tripe like the Transformers series that arguably does more harm to the source than good, than have one excellent movie like Dredd?

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While I agree that the Transformers movies are pretty horrible, I don't think it's ruined any of the Transformers source material or anything that I've loved about Transformers that came before. There have been horrible Batman movies and there have been great Batman movies. In a ways I'm glad we have them all. Balance out the good with the bad. Plus, I'm happy that the interest in Batman has stood the test of time and the trials of bad movies. Hopefully a Gambit movie, good or bad, can generate interest in Gambit.

Oscar Wilde:

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

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