Can someone help me?

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I would like to try to help my girlfriend get a good collection of Gambit comics started, as Gambit is her favorite mutant. I'm not entirely sure where to begin, but so far I have found 3 books.

Gambit Classic Volume 1

Wolverine/Gambit by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

Gambit (2012 Ongoing)

I was wondering if someone could help me fill out this list chronologically with single issues, or trades that cover stories that he was a part of. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Get a price guide, it shows all volumes and issues chronologically

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really? Is there a price guide specifically for Gambit? or would it just contain all X-Men issues, and I would have to find which ones contain Gambit?

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you should get the newest Gambit series....such an awesome book

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@danhimself: Actually, she has been and is really enjoying it. That's why I want to help her fill in on some of the older stuff.

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@danhimself: That definatley helps, but do you know how those would fit chronologically?

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