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Guatemala, Guatemala!

This issue of Gambit has "Indiana Jones" written all over it, but it's not a bad thing; it's pretty fun actually. Shared art duties, however, make me cringe, especially when you go from Clay Mann's amazing pencils to... well, not Clay Mann's amazing pencils.

Please check my mini-review of Gambit #3 here:

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    I have been happily surprised by this series so far as it has been brilliant. I think Asmus has a real understanding of the character and that Mann's art is just perfect for Remy. I also like how Gambit now has a companion with him and how they both have different objections.This issue sees Gambit and the mystery girl who is after the relic attached to Gambit head for Guatemala where she believes the other relic is, which she believes swill remove the one attached to him. Whilst in a forest they...

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