johnkmccubbin91's Gambit #3 - Jungle Boogie review

Secret of the Relic

I have been happily surprised by this series so far as it has been brilliant. I think Asmus has a real understanding of the character and that Mann's art is just perfect for Remy. I also like how Gambit now has a companion with him and how they both have different objections.

This issue sees Gambit and the mystery girl who is after the relic attached to Gambit head for Guatemala where she believes the other relic is, which she believes swill remove the one attached to him. Whilst in a forest they find a rock which is the same shape as the one on her map. They go down a hole in the ground next to the rock and find a sophisticated trap mechanism which Gambit almost sets off but the mystery woman does set off. After surviving the trap the two find the other relic which has interesting consequences.

This was a good issue and the story just keeps getting more interesting with each issue. I like how we see the reactions to certain things between Gambit and the mystery woman and how they both don't seem to quite know what's up with the other. I liked how Gambit also one upped the mystery woman by stopping her from getting robbed, and I also liked how Gambit made fun out of the way she spoke when a lot of people in the past haven't been able to understand his Cajun accent. The only thing I felt negatively about this issue was not quite enough going on. I liked how we had the action scenes where they were getting through the death trap but besides that it was mainly leading up to the end and the next issue.

Final verdict. This is an amazing issue and series which has over tripled my initial expectations. I would highly recommend both this issue and the series and am happy to see Gambit handled properly in a solo series.

Rating: 4/5

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