spikevalentine's Gambit #1 - Once a Thief..., Part One review

New look, same problems.

Gambit, my favorite character of all time, like the stuff he touches, filled with explosive potential energy, yet it is very rare that someone taps into it.

I actually talked with Clay about the series, and red flags arose all over. It is a fact that the editor kids in Marvel right now can barely handle their work. Clay's art wasn't what it could have been because he received the scripts like four months late (we were at a con and he couldn't hang out because he had to catch up with them). I've also corrected a Pak script where he confused Armor with Danger for half the pages, and that was after the editors approved it! I only had to translate it and ended up doing their work correcting it. But I digress...

So, how many regular series of Gambit start with some generic heist? All of them? Yes, that is correct. Asmus has clearly read Syd Field, but that doesn't make a good story. The plot is just something we have read over and over that doesn't address what Gambit has been needing for like ten years now; a deep character piece that dissects him and shows us how he tics (very well addressed in the 90s mini Gambit/Wolverine; Victims by Loeb/Sale, for example). We all already know Gambit is the king of thieves, now I wanna know why, and how can he balance that with his hero duties, why is he an X-Man, why isn't he-- I don't wanna read tired Indiana Jones left-overs with a set of new characters that won't ever matter ever again in a year from now, that has happened in his series since the 90s.

By the way, I already pitched my ideas for a Gambit story to C.B. Cebulski like a year ago, I guess he never got to it. But since I do not own the characters it can be read as a public domain fan-fic, let me know if you want to see how I would tackle the Ragin' Cajun.

Posted by Hit_Monkey

I'd like a read pal. Give me a shout.

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