mr_colossus's Gambit #1 - Once a Thief..., Part One review

Promising Start For A Favorite

I know for myself, as well as many others, that Gambit is a favorite character from the X-Men team. He always had that bad boy mentality while with the X-Men, but did know how to be somewhat of a team player. Overtime he grew as a member and became a Teacher and Mentor to many of the younger mutants. Now he is back in his own series and I think that it starts off really well. Many readers I'm sure picked up this new series on name alone, but I feel that it has some good content to back up the name. I was not sure what to really expect out of this new ongoing series, but I had high hopes. When I started the Issue, it took a good start by playing off the background of other comics where he's still at the X-Men School. Without giving any specific he goes through the Issue in a usual Gambit way. Still up to the same antics as we've come to know and love. He wheel and deals his way in and out of situations. He is still his usual playboy self and always looking for an exciting experience. I think they laid a good platform for a first issue and one that's ready to be built upon. Slight slow start, but that can be expected since it is a starting issue. It picks up in the end and finishes with some good suspense for the follow up issue. I would highly recommend picking up Gambit #1 and starting on this highly promising new OnGoing series. It's sure to pack action, excitement, and hopefully some card charging. I'm ready to get started on issue #2.


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    Gambit, my favorite character of all time, like the stuff he touches, filled with explosive potential energy, yet it is very rare that someone taps into it. I actually talked with Clay about the series, and red flags arose all over. It is a fact that the editor kids in Marvel right now can barely handle their work. Clay's art wasn't what it could have been because he received the scripts like four months late (we were at a con and he couldn't hang out because he had to catch up with them). I've ...

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    I am not overly familiar with either James Asmus or Clay Mann besides knowing who they are but I think they have done a really good job with Gambit who recently has been a hard enough character for people to write in X comics let alone in a solo comic. I think Mann's art really suits Gambit and I can't think of any other people of the top of my head recently that have done him as good as this.I really like how Gambit went back to his roots in this comic as we've seen Gambit the X-Man for years n...

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