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When Ethan was very young, there was a fire in his family's downtown home. A Watchdogs grunt rescued him from the fire and then died trying to save others. The experience stayed with Ethan as he began considering that perhaps with body armor the lives of other Watchdogs and Public Eye grunts won't be endangered.

Ethan and the armor

This led to his employment at Stark-Fujikawa where he is stationed in a small living quarters situated next to his lab. He cannot leave his sterilised enclosure so most of his inventions and armor have to be made by other people to his exact specifications. Through this method, he created an armored suit considerably stronger and better equipped than anything else produced by the corporate market. He is able to control the suit remotely from his germ-free enclosure from subcutaneous chip.

Since Ethan is stationed away from most of the rest of the company, he has no friends or social life, many of his peers see him as a "twisted genius" who has better relationships with machines than people. A new employee to Stark-Fujikawa, Suzanne Carter introduced herself to Ethan and the two developed a friendship. During one of her trips to Ethan's secluded lab, she discovered a saboteur from a rival company destroying the lab and commandeering a large prototype for a heavy-duty construction droid. Ethan, unable to leave his enclosure, activated his "Galahad" armor and fought off the saboteur. The armor was crushed in the ensuing battle and Suzanne wrongly believed Ethan was inside the armor and perished.

Ethan and Suzanne became "sort of lovers" following this and Ethan continued to use his Galahad armor to help people in the style of the heroes of the Heroic Age.

After a coup that removed Doctor Doom from his presidency in America, a man claiming to be Captain America led the country and gave orders to execute all super-powered humans. Among the purging that exterminated the Punisher and the Hulk, Ethan found himself and Galahad a target of SHIELD. In a bid to win favor with the new government system, Stark-Fujikawa sold Ethan and his inventions out and they were targetted for execution. SHIELD barraged the Galahad armor with high frequency blasts that were also felt by Ethan who was controlling the armor from his office. Ethan died of brain hemorrhaging and his armor was destroyed.

Powers and Equipment

Ethan's Galahad armored suit is stronger and equipped better than anything else on the market. It has considerable strength and is built to withstand extreme pressure from weapons and environmental extremes. Despite the armor's strengths, it isn't powerful enough to destroy well-armored larger machines - such as Stark-Fujikawa's construction droids.

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