Will he ever catch a break?

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Seriously, for the guy being known as an abstract and a threat to humanity, the guy seems like quite the jobber. Granted his power seems to stem from his hunger and being a nihilist that means he eats the bare minimum to get by pretty much meaning that all of his showing have been in a weakened state but I mean COME ON!!! I cant take the guy seriously anymore. He's such a punk I mean name a close to current feat where he did something badass. The closest I can think of is getting headbutted by Odin but Odin gets knocked out from the attack. Seriously the guy is an abstract jobber who gets no respect in Marveldom and the only reason he matters is because of the implied threat that he poses.

Does anyone really likes a guy who just bumbles about talking about he's hungry getting beat down by people way weaker then him and then he spouts about being the Alpha and Omega?

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