The only thing Galactus's weakness's hunger.

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Let him starved to death, he dies, the universe's safe. The End.

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... How do you propose to do that? You intend to starve one of the most powerful beings in the universe to death? Even if you could figure out a way to stop him from devouring worlds, all that means is that he's going to get desperate and vengeful. Galactus may hate expending energy because of his hunger, hence why he has the Heralds, but you're talking about taking away any way to sate that hunger. Even if you try threatening him with the Ultimate Nullifier, that's practically a mutually assured destruction, and he'll have nothing left to lose, because if he doesn't feed, he'll starve to death. He's going to go all out regardless.

That's not even taking into account that even if you were to succeed and kill him, all that would do is free Abraxas to destroy EVERYTHING. Not just a world, not a solar system or galaxy, not even a universe, EVERYTHING.

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