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could galactus hunger be similar to the zombies hunger in marvel zombie
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ok so where are the spoilers? lol

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... Zombie galactus? O_o

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acewasp23 says:

"ok so where are the spoilers? lol"

lol i put that their cause you know how the new zombies lose the hunger the longer they go without eating (that was a spoiler) and i was wondering do you think galactus hunger could be similar?

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No. If Galactus goes without eating he'll only get hungrier and then REALLY want to eat a planet. :P

(Possible Spoilers) Even when Galactus was turned back into Galan (his form prior to the rebirth of the universe), in his more human-like form, the Devourer of Worlds still held his insatiable appetite. It was funny because he was about to eat a billiard ball, but throughout most of the issue you saw him with food in his hand.

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