Has anyone else noticed this?

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By that I mean, is that how many are annoyed and also amused of this: 
Look at him. I mean, seriously. He has a bowtie, and a cap in his cosmic armor! 

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I completely agree: Galactus needs a SERIOUS visual overhaul. While I really liked the 1610 design, I don't think it would go over well in the 616. But, I think Brandon Peterson and Warren Ellis were on the right track: something INorganic. Think of Unicron, movie style, and you'll have a rough approximation of what I'm imagining.

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I`m fine with most of the design. The cap and bowtie are the only ones I don`t really like. But, everyones got their own tastes.

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I imagine that more people would be unhappy with a costume change. Just look at the uproar when Jim Lee took away Darkseid's skirt. People really don't like change.

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If I get to draw stories with Galactus in them, that will be published, I`m not gonna draw that bowtie, or the cap. Do you know why? Because it`s me who draws Galactus. It`s me who doesn`t want those little things to his armor, and to me, that`s what matters. Besides, it would be just for a few issues. I mean, I don`t say or mean, that readers can`t dislike my way of drawing him (which SUCKS). All I want, is that they don`t crack their skulls because of what I do.

But, I know that my hopes are in vain.

And, maybe I have changed my mind in those days, about those things. Who knows? Aswer: many.

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Galactus is above fashion.

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Huh, never noticed 'em like that.

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