Galactus - How many heralds can he have? Thousands? How Powerful?

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We know that galactus gives a tiny portion, insignificant to him, to his people to make them his herald.

my question is, since its stated that it is a tiny portion, almost insignificant to galactus, can his power cosmic run out? I mean, can he potentially give hundreds of beings the power cosmic and have 100's of heralds? He'd never have to worry about a few betraying him or fighting him since he's unaffected by power cosmic, but that's not the point. With that many heralds he would always have help to take out things that dont warrant his direct attention, small villains, planets trying to fight back, etc, he'd almost never starve with that many heralds helping him find planets and attacking them.

second question

Who is the most powerful person galactus can turn into his herald, it has been stated by Galactus himself in one of the comics, the one that involve DC as well, that superman with power cosmic was his most powerful herald ever.

can galactus, for example, turn an extremely powerful being, like thanos, into his herald, thus making him even more powerful, especially if he gives him more power cosmic, I mean, obviously he can but who do you think would potentially be the most powerful herald if he does strike a bargain with galactus?

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The question is why would he need that many in the first place???

He doesn't need hundreds, he only needs a few to look for plants to feed on.

So that's why he doesn't make hundreds of heralds, there is no point.

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I know he doesn't need that many.

I'm asking if it is possible, because it states he grants them a portion of his power cosmic, so could his power cosmic run out, say if he made a trillion people his heralds, or it is unlimited and just a phrase?

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@thasnos1212: Power Cosmic is not finite so he can have as many as he wants, but each would have to share eachother's power including Galactus himself.
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I'd view this as just being the most economical cost efficient way to have him do things pretty much as he does. You can apply the same principle with people and children. Takes some energy to create a child, you'll regain that energy back eventually, and if you give enough energy to your child, they become self sustaining and you will also for a period of time be more powerful than them. Then you can teach them to go to the shops and buy you beer and cigs. They are your herald. Still, not a good idea to have as many children as you can. 

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If i was Galactus i'd make a hundred in suspended animation, so when a herald goes sour he just pops out a new one.

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He can most likely make as many as he wants, but this would be pointless because they could find more worlds than he could consume at a time. Also, I think you underestimate the Power Cosmic. One herald is more than enough to take on those who would oppose him. Plus, he has the Punishers. If he did make an army, they could pose a threat to him. He is not immune to the PC, he just seems to be the source of it.

The strength of a herald does not necessarily depend on their power level, it depends on how much Power Cosmic Galactus gives them. Case in point, the Silver Surfer is his most powerful herald, yet had no powers at all beforehand. Frankie Raye had Human Torch like powers and she is generally considered the weakest of the heralds because at the time of her transformation, Galactus had limited power he could share with her. It is true that the PC can amplify their existing powers, as he did with Frankie and with Terrax.

And as for the Superman thing - typical crossover fan service. Always take crossover material with a grain of salt, it's almost never in continuity.

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He probably doesn't have hundreds, let alone thousands, because it would've been a needless expenditure of even his vast (yet finite) might to give portions of his power to so many different beings. In all likelihood he's had a lot more than is currently known and most, until recently it seems, stayed in his service for several centuries or more. Just my opinion, though.

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