galactus has fallen from grace or going to

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hi everyone well i'm just starting this topic well because i'm pissed of about how marvel is ruining galactus, it seems whenever they want to introduce some new powerful character they get him to kick galactus' ass  not to mention that every now and then some guy way below his league beats galactus like how zues bitch slapped him and zapped him till he fell i was like WTF and during annilation the promidal gods beat as if he was nothing then the silver surfer beats' em both later. not only that in the thanos mini,thanos blasted him and broke his helmet off the after a very small assault from galan he says 'i ve drained my vital energies'  then it gets worse he gets hit by a planet and nearly dies while ironically he survived the core of a super nova the  previous issue. 
dont get me wrong i love the big G but i'm just sick of the of the cosmic charcters overlord like why was mikobashi here where his discription is just like oblivion i dont get the difference i mean marvel really needs to retcon all those cosmic dudes and clean their backyard heck if u count the universe busting guys they'd be hundreds and poor galan has to be a measure how other charecters are strong. even high evolutionary who is just an evolved human put a fight against him, personally i'd have no prob that anything happens to the big G but he and everyone in the marvel universe talk about how godlike he is and then next thing u know a guy called mad jim jasper whoops him the sentry stalemated him, 150 heroes killed him, doom stole his power, probably gonna his ass handed out in the next thor issue, and many many other stuff where he was made to look so weak. marvel needs to stop using him as a pawn too many times before he is truly destroyed like darkside who was amazing in his early days but was ruined on DC  but that is just my opinion.


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It seems like "Eternity level" beings are a dime a dozen when Marvel needs a big threat to pop up. I agree that Galactus needs more of the respect he deserves, that he is a cosmic constant and a balance of the universe. They do tend to use him as a stepping stone to show how awesome other characters are, and Galactus is often used as a plot device. I am a little worried about the Mighty Thor.

That being said, I see nothing wrong with what happened in Annihilation. They were two gods of equal power to Galactus. The Surfer only defeated them because he did the unimaginable, and I don't feel it took away from Galactus' might but added to the Surfer's. The part I don't like about it is after all that they bring back Aegis and Tenebrous with no explanation in the Thanos Imperative only to just have them get killed again. It's a shame TI stunk so much, but at least they did use Galactus as he should be - the last "man" standing against the attacking forces of the Cancerverse.

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agreed jloneblackheart  but  i loved annihilation in the matter of fact it was so great it brought me back to reading comics
but if those two guys had equal power least he could do was put up a fight or do what the silver did he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than surf or at least he is represented that way

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no one

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