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Does Galactus have any family ?

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no idea...never thought about it

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Was Galactus "born"

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chameleone says:

"Was Galactus "born""

Probably before the Big Crunch...back then he was human :P

#6 Posted by Vrakmul (23849 posts) - - Show Bio

chameleone says:

"Was Galactus "born""

Go back 13.7 billion years and you'll his parents.

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Yea, he was human before he became galactus but they all died.

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frogman55 says:

"Does Galactus have any family ?"

when he was a humanoid yes he did. but now no

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I've just found out this, Eternity is Galactus's brother, Death is his sister, Infinity is his sister and Oblivion is his brother, I don’t know if he has any parents Thanks for your help.


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